How We Do It

GPI brings together some of the finest and most experienced property and asset' management expertise in the business. We only invest and promote projects in areas where we maintain a direct presence on the ground.

Skilled People

Every member of the GPI investment and development team, comes with a proven track record and experience.

Local Knowledge

The company prides itself in a rich tradition of local partnerships. Prior to investing in a territory, an expert partner with best of breed experience and an established track record is selected. In addition to the right local partners, we invest where we have first hand experience and knowledge of the local market. As such, we only invest in territories where we maintain a direct presence on the ground.

Quite Network

Through a network of contacts established over the years, our deal flow is often ‘off market’ or benefitting form “first looks”. In addition to the usual channels, the partners have established and beneficial relationships developed over years.

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